Rate limits

Rate limiting is a technique employed by APIs to manage the volume and frequency of incoming requests, ensuring a stable and high-quality experience for all users. It helps prevent resource starvation, maintain cost control, and provide a layer of security against potential attacks.

To ensure fair usage, prevent system overloading, and protect API resources, our API has rate limits that limit the number of requests that can be made within a specific time frame and request safety.

  • Safe requests: GET
  • Unsafe requests: POST / PATCH / PUT / DELETE

Default rate limits are specified in the following format:

  • Safe requests: 1000 requests per minute
  • Unsafe requests: 100 requests per minute.

Endpoints that are considered unsafe have a configured burst allowance. This allowance sets the maximum number of concurrent requests the API can handle. Allowing for a temporary increase in the request rate to accommodate short periods of high traffic without exceeding the overall rate limits.

  • Unsafe requests: 15 requests per second.
It is essential to follow these guidelines to avoid exceeding the API rate limits and receiving HTTP 429 responses. Failure to comply may disrupt your API usage and lower service quality.
  • To avoid getting blocked or throttled, it is important to adhere to the rate limits that are set. These limits specify the maximum number of requests allowed within a certain period. Please make sure that your application stays within these limits.
  • It’s important to handle rate-limit responses properly. If you receive an HTTP 429 (Too Many Requests) response, the rate limit has been surpassed.
  • Regularly monitor and analyze your application’s rate limit usage to identify potential bottlenecks or excessive usage patterns. This will help you proactively adjust your application’s behavior and optimize resource consumption.

To ensure a seamless integration with the API and make the most of its resources, it’s important to follow the guidelines and stay within the API rate limits. This will help prevent any interruptions and maintain optimal usage.

Non-default Rate Limits

Keep in mind that there are different rate limits for some API endpoints to meet their specific requirements.

API Endpoint Safe Requests (reqs/min) Unsafe Requests (reqs/min) Burst Allowance for Unsafe Requests (reqs/sec)
/v2/shipping_methods/ 420 100 15
/v2/shipping_methods/<id>/ 420 100 15
/v2/shipping-products/ 420 100 15
/v2/shipping-price/ 420 100 15
/v2/multiple-shipping-prices/ 420 100 15
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