Multicollo returns

The Return portal API supports multicollo returns. This allows you to create a return shipment which contains multiple parcels, so long as the outgoing shipment was also Multicollo.

How to create a multicollo return

The process for creating a multicollo return is the same as described in Create a return with the Return portal API. The only difference is that you can state the number of collos to include in the return shipment.

  1. Use the identifier of any of the parcels (tracking number or order number) included in the original shipment in the Outgoing parcel lookup step. This will always return the main parcel in the shipment, so don’t worry if the identifiers don’t match.
  2. In the parcel object in the response, you can find the number of parcels which were included in the original shipment under collo_count. You can choose to return, at most, a number of parcels equal to this number.
  3. To Create the return, add the number of parcels you want to include in the shipment under the collo_count field, in the incoming_parcel object.
Each parcel inside the multicollo return is treated as an individual shipment, and will receive its own tracking number.

Example request:

POST /brand/{brand_domain}/return-portal/incoming

 2  "reason": 4,
 3  "message": "",
 4  "outgoing_parcel": 19,
 5  "refund": {
 6    "refund_type": {
 7      "code": "money"
 8    },
 9    "message": ""
10  },
11  "delivery_option": "drop_off_point",
12  "products": [],
13  "incoming_parcel": {
14    "collo_count": 2,
15    "from_address_1": "afsdgfnm",
16    "from_address_2": "",
17    "from_city": "sasfsfas",
18    "from_company_name": "",
19    "from_country": "DE",
20    "from_email": "",
21    "from_house_number": "1",
22    "from_name": "asdasd",
23    "from_postal_code": "12311",
24    "from_telephone": "+49612312312"
25  },
26  "selected_carrier_code": "dpd"
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