Tracking statuses

Tracking statuses cover all of the delivery ‘milestones’ across the shipping journey. They also indicate when an action has been made (e.g. Delivery method changed) or an action is required by the recipient (e.g. Ready for collection) or by the sender (e.g. Address invalid). Certain delivery milestones also trigger the sending of tracking notifications, which you can be configured in the Sendcloud panel.

Status definitions

Sendecloud consolidates all the variations of status messages received by different carriers into a readable format. This corresponds with the parent_status field in the response body.

Status Description
Address invalid The provided address details are not correct.
Announced The shipping label has been announced at the carrier.
Announced: not collected The label is announced, but not yet collected by the driver.
Announcement failed The label was not successfully announced at the carrier.
At customs The parcel is passing through customs checks at the border.
At sorting centre The parcel has arrived at the carrier sorting hub.
Awaiting customer pickup The parcel has been delivered to a service point and is awaiting collection by the end customer.
Being announced The shipping label is awaiting annoucnement at the carrier.
Being sorted The parcel is being sorted at the carrier sorting hub.
Cancellation request Cancellation has been requested for this parcel.
Cancelled The label was successfully cancelled at the carrier.
Cancelled upstream The label been cancelled upstream and is awaiting status Cancelled to be returned by the carrier.
Delivered The parcel has been delivered to the end customer.
Delivery address changed The delivery address has been modified.
Delivery attempt failed The end customer was not home to accept the delivery.
Delivery date changed The delivery date for this parcel was changed.
Delivery delayed The delivery will take place at a later time or date.
Delivery method changed The method of delivery has been modified.
Driver en route The driver is on the way to deliver the parcel.
En route to sorting center The driver is on the way to the sorting centre.
Error collecting The parcel could not be collected by the driver.
Exception There has been an exception with the parcel.
No label There is no label attached to the parcel.
Not sorted The parcel has not been sorted at the carrier sorting hub.
Parcel en route The parcel is on the way to be delivered.
Ready to send The label has been generated and announced, and the parcel can be picked up or taken to a service point to be delivered to the end customer.
Refused by recipient The end customer refused to accept the delivery.
Returned to sender The parcel is being returned to the sender.
Return payment failed Payment for the return label for this parcel has not been processed.
Shipment collected by customer The end customer has collected the parcel from a service point.
Shipment picked up by driver The driver has collected the parcel from the service point or requested pickup location.
Sorted The parcel has been sorted for delivery at the carrier sorting hub.
Submitting cancellation request Cancellation has been requested and is being processed.
Unable to deliver The parcel could not be delivered to the intended address or service point.
Waiting for the return payment The carrier must receive payment for the return label before it is returned to sender.

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